X-ray Fear

By: Jisleine Mendoza

I probably have a lot of fears that I don’t know about, but my fear to X- Rays is one that I know.

The reason X-Rays are so scary to me, and maybe even others, are because they sometimes cause  pain. When I got my X-Rays to get my braces, I had to bite down on some rubber really hard and it caused pain to shoot up in my gums. When I also twisted my ankle recently, I had to rest my foot on something in a very weird poition that made my foot ache a little.

But that’s not the worst thing: My fear is mostly because of this article I read in a magazine about how X-Rays can result to cancer. I have never stopped thinking about that. If you can prevent cancer, wouldn’t you? That’s why my fear to X-Rays have been getting higher.

If you’re not afraid of X-Rays even after reading this blog, then try to stay that way. Otherwise, feel free to panic.

Yearbook Class

By: Jisleine Mendoza

If you asked anyone at our school if they would want to be in Yearbook, they would probably answer with a positive yes. That’s why I consider being in Yearbook class as such a privilege.

Last year, I was very excited t0 be asked to be in Yearbook, but I also had another offer on the table. The offer was offered by probably the best math teacher in the world. Since he and Mrs. Stephens (the 7th grade language arts teacher and the yearbook class teacher) were my favorite teachers, it was a very hard choice to make.

It was a struggle to choose, but I ended up choosing Yearbook, because who doesn’t want to get creative in class. I was very surprised, though, when the math teacher gave me a high five and told me I made ‘a good choice’.


By: Jisleine Mendoza

If you actually think about it, the different wallpapers that people have can be weird. Some people have wallpapers of famous celebrities, others of landscapes, animals, cars, nature, and themselves.

My wallpapers are usually of just things I like, right now I have a Divergent wallpaper with Shailene Woodley, Theo James, and Zoe Kravitz. I’ve also had other wallpapers though, like animals, or landscapes and nature, cartoons, and more.

I just find it very awkward when people have wallpapers of themselves.  If it’s you and a group of friends or family, then that’s not weird, but I don’t know, I’m just very opinionated.

If you are thinking about changing your wallpaper, don’t just choose something out of the ordinary. It would be better if you think about what you like and that’s when you choose a great background for your phone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc!

Valuable Time

By: Jisleine Mendoza

As much as you don’t want to admit it, people have probably wasted most of their life, including you and I, doing things that won’t matter anytime in the future. I’m not the only one that agrees that life is short.

I remember being younger, and always playing outside, playing with toys, crying about the dumbest things, yet I still wanted to grow up. That was the life, why is it that anyone would want to grow up?

I wish that I can go back in time and tell myself to shut up because right now, and probably for most of my life, I want to go back and be a kid again.

That’s why it’s so important to me to not waste a single day doing absolutely nothing. I want to grow up and be able to tell everyone that my childhood was well-spent. I don’t want to regret my life as I grow up, so I will try my best to have my valuable time spent in the right way.

Unresistable Food

By: Jisleine Mendoza

There are many great-tasting, but at the same time, strange foods that we all love, and here is my sorta-specific list:

>Spicy tamales- Non-spicy tamales don’t make me my tummy happy.

>Green enchiladas-I’ve eaten to many red ones in my days.

>Coctail de Camaron- which is a non-alcoholic cocktail with shrimp, cucumbers, tomatoes,  avocado, and some extra spices put together in tomato juice.

>Mole- I don’t know how exactly it’s made but it’s made with melted chocolate and you just pour it on chicken, so basically you’re eating spicy chocolate for dinner. (Sounds gross, but so good)

>Tacos- I love homemade tacos but I have a strange addiction to Jack in the Box and-of course-Taco Bell tacos.

>Fried chicken- I am so sick of regular chicken, but fried chicken is the best thing ever invented!

Okay, well that’s my list of the things I like. If you like any of these then leave a comment below!

Theo James/Tobias

By: Jisleine Mendoza

Besides Josh Hutcherson, Theo James is my biggest man crush! In-case you don’t know who he is(seriously? What’s wrong with you!), then here are some basic facts you should know:

Theo James was born in Oxford in the UK on November 16, 1984. He is a British actor and is mainly known for his role as ‘Tobias’, or ‘Four’, in the Divergent series. Theo just broke up with his girlfriend, Ruth, too, which means that Shailene Woodley and him could actually have a chance together!!! Let’s hope that Sheo becomes an actual thing!

As for his role in the Divergent movie, he plays an 18 year-old Dauntless trainer for the new initiates who enter the faction(read the book!). He is the best Tobias that could have been chosen, even though he plays an 18 year-old when he’s actually 29.

I believe that Shailene and Theo have as much chemistry as Tris and Tobias do in the Divergent trilogy. And you would too if you read the books, watch the movie, and view ALL of their interviews together.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

By: Jisleine Mendoza

I have recently started to watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager on Netflix and am recently on season 2, episode 4. I never thought I would be one to like such a dramatic and drama-filled show, but I actually do.

I still believe that the show doesn’t pertain to any teenagers in our days though. I mean, yea, teenagers get pregnant at the age of fifteen, maybe even younger, but it’s not as confusing as The Secret Life demonstrates it.

Although some parents may not like their teens to be watching shows like that, I think that the show actually contains a lot of consequences from doing bad things.

If your having trouble at home, school, work, family, etc, then I think that the show can actually benefit in what not to do in those situations. It’s always a great idea to see consequences so that you don’t make the same mistakes.

(And it has the beautiful Shailene Woodley in it)

Secret Life

Restless Nights

By: Jisleine Mendoza

Sometimes I stay up too late into the night, and am still not very tired. I don’t exactly know what to do, but i always end up doing something, so let me share with you what I do, and what you can do as well:

  • Watch tv until the only thing that’s on are game shows and boring interviews.
  • Go on Instagram and like every picture under a certain hashtag.
  • Open Twitter and retweet all of the “rt if you’re still up” tweets.
  • Clean your room because that’s what happens when your not in the right mind.
  • Tip-toe to the kitchen and get some cereal.
  • Look out of all the windows to see if anyone’s stalking you.
  • Snapchat all of your friends just to show that your the only unnormal person still up.
  • Look at funny pictures to laugh so loud that your mom forcefully makes you go to sleep.
  • Wake up again in ten minutes and repeat.

Qualifying For Something

By: Jisleine Mendoza

In order to get into something like college, a sport, or a club, you have to be able to qualify for it. And in order to qualify for it, you have to have experience from somewhere else. If this is how all systems work, then why even try? Who’s the genius that made all of this up?

I think that the way things work now are so illogical. Privacy is dead, employment is a bust, school is a huge bummer. There has to be a way to turn all of this around!

Yet, we still have to do all of these things in order to qualify for the thing we want to do our whole, entire lives, aka work. Not only that but from the day your born, you’re weight, height, race, etc are all measured and collected to get you qualified for almost everything.

I think that some actual genius should just make a new way of surviving and dealing with life.

The Outside World

By:Jisleine Mendoza

“Today is a beautiful day to go outside, or I can just stay inside and watch t.v. all day. Yea I’ll just stay in.” This is my life every day when I’m not at school.

The outside world seems like a perfectly normal and safe place, well, when the birds are chirping, but in reality it’s very dangerous and unprotected. Going outside is basically like asking the world to hurt you.

So the best thing to do is to stay inside and avoid that danger. Although sometimes you have to go outside like to go to work, or school, or to buy important groceries, but besides that I suggest that you just stay home all day! (: